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"I was very satisfied with my studies. During the course of my studies, I gained additional insight into many things thanks to the experience of the lecturers. The approach of the lecturers was very professional and I rate the whole study very positively."

Daniel Britsch

MAcc Study
"The biggest benefit I see is that this school is really full of very good and strategic information. Of course everything that is taught here is very current trends, it's a very modern school. I recommend studying at EIFM."

Huberto Olivares

MBA Study
"EIFM was the only institution I applied to. For many reasons - the international overlap, the practitioners, the online form of study. I can recommend the overall study of the MiM program to anyone who wants to educate themselves in the management field and expand their knowledge."

Helga Vallina

MiM Study
"I was thrilled that I got the opportunity to study at EIFM. Thanks to studying at EIFM I improved my management skills, which helped me in my professional career. I apply the knowledge I gained from my studies to my work every day."

Vincent Bles

MiM Study
"By studying at EIFM I have expanded my education and management practice by practical and theoretical education in all areas of management, I can only recommend the study."

David Martín

MBA Study
"The study allowed me to expand my theoretical knowledge and enrich my practical experience in a fundamental way. I see the relevance of the teaching and the connection between lecturers and experts not only from academia but also from practice as very important."

Jessica Fengler

DBA Study
"I like that you can tailor the program to your liking - especially in MBA programs where specializations range from business fundamentals to international relations to finance."

Marian Navarro

MBA Study
"The study has been very beneficial in many different fields. I perceived my own management experience as a great advantage, thanks to the practitioners and the perspective with an international overlap. The lecturers of each course and their expertise have broadened my outlook greatly."

Tina Lehmann

MAcc Study
"EIFM was a great choice for me and I can only recommend studying at this institute. I also feel that I identify with the values of EIFM as an institution. That is why I am very happy to have completed my studies at EIFM."

Antonio Ordas

DBA Study