For graduates

We keep our students in mind after graduation

As part of the principles and values that EIFM stands for, our long-term goal is to maintain good long-term relationships not only with our current students but also with former students. That is why, as part of our activities, we are also creating the EIFM ALUMNI platform, which opens doors for our former students not only to employment opportunities but also to continuing education opportunities aimed at supporting their personal and professional development.


The EIFM team includes, among other things, an HR department that is available to all our graduates. The aim is to facilitate our graduates’ job search process after graduation and help them find interesting job opportunities or internships. The various career fairs that we participate in serve this purpose and make our job opportunities much more varied.


A successful professional career includes not only a CV rich in interesting work experience, but also scientific and professional activities. That is why we offer our students the opportunity to publish articles in many professional scientific journals, or to contribute to the development of one of the handbooks we publish within the EIFM.


As part of EIFM, we work with many national and multinational corporations that provide our students with paid and unpaid internships or other services through annual job fairs held in several European cities.


The EIFM University Foundation offers all students interested in further education the opportunity to receive an education regardless of their financial situation. We have developed a comprehensive system of grants and scholarships, or loans and financial counselling, which enables us to find a path to study for anyone who is interested.


All our graduates have unlimited access to workshops and seminars organised by EIFM, across all our campuses. Any graduate of any degree programme gains this access. It does not apply only to short one-off courses.


Thanks to various agreements and collaborations with some companies, we are fortunate to have agreements with many interesting companies that allow us to provide our graduates with additional agreements not only in the field of services related to educational activities. For more information, our alumni can contact the study department.