Our campuses

In a global world, we need to orient ourselves internationally. That’s why we want to offer you international experience that you can then put to good use in your business as you develop not only nationally but also internationally. That’s why you have the opportunity to study at several campuses across Europe, where we offer not only postgraduate studies but also intensive courses focusing on different areas of business and the global economy.

Thanks to our strong international network of campuses and multifaceted partnerships, we are able to provide our students with the opportunity to internationalise their educational experience. So take a look at our individual campuses and choose the one that best suits your studies.


Address: Roeskestraat 115, 1076 EE Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam is a diverse and cosmopolitan city full of interesting prospects and opportunities. We believe that the open and multicultural spirit of this city has a very positive influence on our students, who should be characterised by an international spirit and openness to change.  An advantage of studying in Amsterdam is also the access to large international and Dutch companies. Diversity is then key when looking for a programme that suits you, and our Amsterdam campus certainly does not lack it. You can choose from several postgraduate programmes taught in English.


Address: Zamocka 30 811 01 Bratislava-Hrad, Slovakia


Studying in Slovakia offers cultural opportunities not available in other countries. This is no different when it comes to studying at our Bratislava campus, which, in addition to the interesting cultural opportunities associated with life in Bratislava, also offers a wide range of study programmes. In addition, there are many opportunities in Slovakia, especially in Bratislava, not only for interns but also for graduate students, which gives students extensive opportunities for employment after graduation from us.


Address: Nové sady 988/2, Staré Brno, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic


The Czech Republic is generally renowned for quality education, exceptional study opportunities and access to many job opportunities after graduation. Some of our students are not hesitant to say that Brno is the best place in the world to study, mainly because of the professors who are always willing to help and enjoy teaching. So we have no doubt that it is on our Brno campus that you will gain the knowledge and understanding that will enable you to become a global leader in the world of business.


Address: Paseo de la Castellana 81 28046 Madrid, Spain


Madrid is a major European centre of education that is currently attracting many young students who want to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and their working career. Indeed, its multicultural climate and the countless opportunities it offers are ideal for training future managers and executives.


Address: Maximilianstraße 2, 80539 Munich, Germany


The Munich campus offers a wide range of study programmes that are the ideal study centre for future global business leaders. A large number of innovative companies, family-owned small and medium-sized enterprises are based in this city and have achieved top positions in global markets. The city thus perfectly combines entrepreneurial spirit and innovative capacity, and the mood that this city has on students subsequently translates into their creativity during their studies.


Address: 7 Rue Meyerbeer, 75009 Paris, France


Paris is famous for its wide boulevards and spectacular architecture, but international students can enjoy much more. It is home to world-famous monuments, galleries and museums and an ideal place to study abroad. At the same time, Paris is also one of the world’s great centres of learning and has one of the highest concentrations of university students in Europe. It is also home to some of France’s most famous and prestigious institutions. Therefore, if you are deciding where to study abroad, Paris will never be a misstep and you will take away many valuable and enriching experiences in addition to a great education.


Address: Piazza Carlo Magno 21, 00162 RM Rome, Italy


Your university years should be more than just an opportunity for intellectual exploration. If you choose to study in Rome, Italy, you will have the unique opportunity to be part of a city that is not only a modern European metropolis with rich cultural traditions, but also an incredible living museum with thousands of years of history. Rome is the archetypal Italian city full of history, art, food and knowledge, making it one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the world. Located in the centre of Italy towards the west coast, Rome is easily accessible by public transport, allowing easy access to the rest of the country for those looking to explore. So why not take advantage of this and, as well as a great education, also explore and take the opportunity to travel around such a beautiful country as Italy?


Address: Savska cesta 32, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


Zagreb is a great place to study. Students enjoy a friendly atmosphere that is a subtle blend of European hustle and bustle and a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle. It also benefits from an ever-growing local economy, resulting in exciting opportunities for our graduates in particular. We recognise that Croatia in general is not only a great place for local students, but it also attracts the attention of many international students, which is why we are able to offer international experience and contacts on our campus, which students can then put to great use in their businesses.